Having photographed hundreds of newborn babies; those of professional athletes and local news anchormen to babies just across the street, Anne is considered one of the best and most experienced newborn baby photographers in Pittsburgh, PA.

Having photographed hundreds of newborn babies; those of professional athletes and local news anchormen to babies just across the street, Anne is the popular choice for baby photos and is considered one of the best and most experienced newborn photographers in Pittsburgh, PA. She is sought after for her ability to beautifully and safely photograph babies at their tiniest and most delicate stage of life, all in a color coordinated newborn photography session. Anne and her work have been featured in several print and online publications such as Gladys MagazinePittsburgh Tribune Review Total Media, and NewbornPhotography.com.

Her home studio is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA serving the entire Pittsburgh area and beyond, including Mount Lebanon, Bridgeville, South Fayette, South Park, Jefferson Hills, Pleasant Hills, Canonsburg, Upper St Clair, Peters Township, Venetia, Gibsonia, McMurray, Crafton, Carnegie, Collier, Shadyside, Baldwin, Whitehall, Cecil, Dormont, Squirrel Hill, Monroeville, Wexford, Bethel Park, Shadyside, Moon Twp, Coraopolis, Fox Chapel, Sewickley, Pine Richland, Rosslynn Farms, Finleyville, Cranberry Twp, West Elizabeth, Greensburg, Greentree, North Huntingdon, Allegheny County, Washington County, Beaver County, Butler County, and many more. Expectant parents should inquire during pregnancy to ensure a  session date is available for their baby. Newborn baby pictures are captured within 10 days of birth.

Please use the contact form on this website or email Anne directly for more information and to book!


~All images and content on this site are ©Anne Wilmus Photography and may not be copied, re-used, or redistributed in any form without written consent from Anne Wilmus Photography.~

Also now offering NEWBORN MINI SESSIONS!

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My favorite time of year is upon us! Here are my specials for Black Friday 2015!

{These offers expire at midnight on 11/27/15.}

First, for all of my clients who already had a session or booked a session with me but haven’t had it yet…

Large canvases 20×30 are BOGO! Buy One Get One! E-mail me to place your order: anne@annewilmusphotography.com

10×10 Hardcover Albums are $50 off! These are the highest quality! As in, the quality of a wedding album but with your newborn’s photos! (Here’s more info on the newborn albums) Email me to place your order: anne@annewilmusphotography.com

Newborn Photo Album, Pittsburgh Baby Photographer, Anne Wilmus Photographer20% off the prints from your session. Just login to the original link I e-mailed you right after your session and use coupon code: “blackfriday2015”. 

Newborn Gallery Thumbnail Anne Wilmus PhotographyAnd for anyone wishing to book a new newborn session with me…

$50 off the Mini Me or Wee Ones collections and $100 off the Special Delivery or Once In A Lifetime collections. But wait… it can be even better! If you and a friend or family member both book during this sale day, you may both double these discount amounts. Last year, this was very popular so I opened the booking up as far out as July. Yes…JULY!

Pittsburgh newborn baby photographer, South Fayette Photographer

Yay! I love Black Friday! Now, what are you waiting for?!? E-mail me to get the info to book! anne@annewilmusphotography.com

And if I haven’t said it enough already, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who supports my small business! Clients, I love what I do because of you!!! I love talking with you and hearing your birth stories while you are here for the session. And I really love being able to help you remember such an amazing and important time! 

Merry Christmas!

Christmas baby, gender neutral newborn styling

Thanks again! <3 Anne

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Meet Liliana! I feel like it’s been looong time waiting for this shoot, even though she was actually about a month early! Liliana’s parents are friends of ours so we’ve known for quite a while that she was on the way. I’m soooo glad she is finally here!!! Her parents have a mutual (and strong, lol) love of Star Wars (their wedding and her nursery is even themed with it!) so we went in that direction today along with some nice purples and neutrals. Talking with her parents this morning while meeting and photographing her is the most excellent way to start of the Thanksgiving holiday celebrations. Enjoy!

She started us off with a nice big smile!

I love how her teeny tiny little hands are crossed.Christmas!!!
Christmas Photography, Baby Photo wwith santa hat bonnet, Anne Wilmus Photography, Best Pittsburgh Photographer for BabiesDid I mention that her parents love Star Wars? There’s a little story on my blog about how deep their love runs. Go check it out if you have a chance!Star Wars Photography, Baby Photo with Star Wars character, newborn dressed as Princess Leia, Anne Wilmus Photography, Best Pittsburgh Photographer for BabiesSo happy for these guys!Congratulations! She is perfect!

P.S. My Black Friday Sale is now live until Friday 11/27/15 at midnight. Click this Black Friday link for details!

If you are pregnant and interested in my newborn photography, please e-mail me to get your due date on my calendar for photos! Newborn photos take place during the first 2 weeks after birth but I book during your pregnancy. anne@annewilmusphotography.com

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Meet Sophia and Amelia! Statistically, they were one of my biggest challenges to date as a newborn photographer. As you probably know, newborn photos are best captured within 10 days of birth. Well, these two were born at just 30 weeks and 6 days gestation, so needless to say, the session was not at all possible within the 10 day time frame! Fast forward to today, and it’s been about 8 weeks since they were born and ready to leave the nicu and come for their photos! Now, posing and photographing just one baby at 8 weeks old is nearly impossible (although we did it with their older bro, Ethan, 20 months ago, who was also born at 30+ weeks…see one of his pics below) but two babies at 8 weeks…oh my! Nevertheless, these girlies did awesome! They even loved being posed together the most. It was when they were at their most relaxed! Here’s some favs. Enjoy!

So, here’s Ethan at his newborn session. Cute, huh?

Awake newborn posing ideas, Pgh photographer, Anne Wilmus Photography-26And here’s Sophia and Amelia! (Yup, they are identical!)

Amelia in the gray, Sophia in pink.

SophiaAmeliaSophia on the left. Amelia right side.Ok, I’ll be honest. I have no idea which one is which in these next two photos. I knew when I was editing but now that the numerical order is switched in the blog post, I’m clueless. If you’re a family member of them, leave a comment and let me know if you can tell!Amelia on top, Sophia on the bottom.SophiaAmeliaChristmas photo!Christmas photo, twin newborns, Pittsburgh Photographer, Anne Wilmus PhotographyAs I mentioned above, Ethan is now 20 months…so if you have a toddler, you know where I’m going with this! Basically, there was no way we were going to get him to lay still enough and be safe with the two babies on his arm. Luckily, I was able to Photoshop two different shots together to create their sibling photo.Congratulations! They are perfect!

Please e-mail me during your pregnancy to get your due date on my calendar for photos! Newborn photos take place during the first 2 weeks after birth but I book during your pregnancy. I am now booking Jan-June 2016 due dates. anne@annewilmusphotography.com

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Ahhhh, choosing a photographer is a daunting task! So it’s nice to know what you are booking and paying for when choosing the photographer, right? The session itself is just a small fraction of what goes into creating beautiful portraits! I think it’s a common misconception that I get all sleepy and flawless skinned babies. Not the case at all! A newborn so very rarely arrives with a “normal” skin tone and no marks on them. Usually, they are somewhere between red, yellow, or purple toned. So, I thought it would be fun to show you a little before and after of one of the photos from my session yesterday.

Here’s the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera…no editing at all). You can see the baby is nicely posed and VERY cute but the image needs a little cleaning up to help that show! He is quite jaundiced, his foot is very red, his skin needs some work, and the blanket he is laying on needs fixed. All of his skin issues will naturally go away in a few weeks to months so it’s my job to speed the process along so none of those things are distracting from his cute baby face and features in his newborn photos.

Non-edited newborn photography photo

Time for Lightroom and Photoshop!

Here’s the after! You can see that his face and features are not changed at all, just cleaned up a bit! You can appreciate just how cute he is without thinking about the yellow skin, red foot, and other distractions!

Anne Wilmus Photography, after editing photo

Now, here’s a comparison and a list of what I did to achieve the final “newborn perfection” look.

Anne Wilmus Photography, Newborn Editing Before and after

Hope you found this enlightening! E-mail me to book YOUR 2016 due date! anne@annewilmusphotography.com

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Meet Alistair! He is nearly 10 plumb pounds of newborn sweetness! His session this morning was a mix of deep sleepiness and then…not so much, lol. He was great though and so was his almost 5 year old brother who was so quiet and well behaved while here. I was so impressed! Here’s a peak. Enjoy!

I just love this one!

Christmas newborn photo, Santa baby knit set, newborn Christmas holiday posing ideaHe rallied at the end and closed his eyes just long enough to get a few final photos on the chair.He was awake and making great eye contact!Congratulations! He is great!

Please e-mail me during your pregnancy to get your due date on my calendar for photos! Newborn photos take place during the first 2 weeks after birth but I book during your pregnancy. Now booking Jan- June 2016. anne@annewilmusphotography.com

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