Miss Rosie- Pittsburgh Baby Photographer

Little miss Rosie is turning two years old soon! To mark the occasion, we had a little photo session with all of Rosie’s favorite things, including a handmade Minnie Mouse tutu and banner that her talented mom, Nena made for her. Rosie is just the cutest little girl and I have no doubt that she is going to make an amazing big sister as mom is expecting baby number two in a few months! I’m very excited to meet and photograph the new baby around the end of April but today was all about Rosie! She was the shining star and here are the photos to prove it. Enjoy!

Nice dance moves! Awwww, I love her expression here. I think this one is my favorite from the session.A little half pout, haha. It’s safe to say that having a photo shoot was not on her personal to do list today. But, with the help of some bribery and comforting by her mom and grandparents, she did good!Our bribes came in the form of graham crackers and M&Ms, haha. What a little diva in this photo!She was pretty happy to be all decked out in her Minnie Mouse gear.Check out the purple shoes and matching nail polish! She got this shoe on her foot all by herself.I just like this one. I think it’s because she’s tapping her foot at us, haha.And here’s her gorgeous smile and sparkly blue eyes!What a pretty little girl. How about those eyes and eyelashes? I think this photo gives us a glimpse of what she is going to look like as a teenager. She looks waaay older than 2 years old here! Gonna be a heartbreaker!

 See you guys again soon!

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