Anna and Keith Vow Renewal- Engine House 25 Roberto Clemente Museum Photography

Last summer I met up with Anna and Keith as they were looking for a photographer for their 10 year wedding vow renewal on August 11, 2012. As I was getting to know them, they told me the story of why they decided to do a vow renewal.  Ten years ago, they had a nice wedding all planned out when Keith got word that he was soon being deployed. So, with little choice, they scrapped the wedding plans they had, and got married right away with no pomp and circumstance. Fast forward 10 years and two kids later and here we are today, celebrating the wedding of so many years ago.

Well, I didn’t know Anna and Keith ten years ago but I’ve been lucky enough to witness and be a part of many  other weddings over the years, both as a guest and as a photographer.  I must say that after ten years of marriage, Anna and Keith appear to be not only as much in love as my new bride and grooms, but even more so. They had an ease about them and were so natural and romantic with each other. It was so nice to see!

So, because this was a vow renewal and because the setting was so cool (the Engine House is a little bit of everything- urban-ish local, old fire house, Roberto Clemente museum, wine cellar, and even a photography studio) I thought I’d do this post a little different than my other weddings. Here are a bunch of my favorites that tell the story of their long deserved day. Enjoy!

Getting ready was a mix of girl time with Anna’s mom and sister and then a little family time to get the kids ready.

The vow renewal was short and sweet. The idea was for Anna and Keith to walk in together then out with both kids. Little man had other plans, haha.After the ceremony, we headed outside and walked the area around the Engine House. It provided amble opportunity for pretty and colorful photos.Now for some family fun!He’s two. Enough said.I was behind a curtain trying to get more light into the room and when I came back to the other side, I caught this private moment of Anna and Keith dancing together. Whoever said romance dies after a few kids and marriage was wrong. Anna and Keith proved that to me today.We finished our photo session inside and used all 3 floors of the Roberto Clemente Museum/ Wine Cellar. It was a really cool place to shoot.Finishing up with one of my favorite photos ever!

Congratulations Kramer family! Thanks for choosing me to capture the special moments of your day!

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