My Superhero, Brayden! South Hills Pittsburgh Baby and Toddler Photographer

OMG, I love this boy!!! These are possibly my most favorite photos I have ever posted on my blog…and I didn’t even take them! Lately, I have been teaching Willy about photography and on Tuesday, I was super happy when he texted me and asked if we could go out and practice that evening. Just the day before I had seen a photo of a kid in a make-shift superhero costume so I was inspired to do something similar with Brayden. We headed out to some old buildings in Carnegie and Willy shot and shot and shot.ย  I love these photos that he captured and I’m very proud of him for trying so hard! When I look at these, I just want to eat Brayden up! He is at such a fun age now and I love him soooo much!ย Here are some of my favorite shots from Willy (edited by me). Enjoy!

I was carrying the camera back to the car and happened to turn around just at the exact right moment and snap this. Brayden looks so tiny compared to Willy! Words cannot express how much I will love this photo forever and ever!

I love my family!

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