I need a tagline contest- Pittsburgh newborn photographer gift certificate giveaway

Win $150 Gift Certificate to Anne Wilmus Photography!!!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. As I sat on my computer til 1 am a few nights ago trying to think of words for a tagline, it became increasingly clear to me that writing and grammar are not my strengths. (Something you may have noticed in many of my blog posts, haha.). After sitting there for a while (ultimately Facebooking and getting little else accomplished) I figured that there must be a better way of doing this. Surely, others are better at this than I.

Lightbulb! I will outsource it! To YOU! And in exchange for your skill and wisdom, I will give away a $150 gift certificate to the winner!

Details? Here they are:

I am looking for 3-5 words that come to mind when you see my newborn photos. What do you notice consistently about them? Specific to newborns, please. Take a look at my galleries and see what jumps out at you!

best Pittsburgh newborn photographer tagline contest

To enter, complete these 3 steps:

1. Like my Page on Facebook if you haven’t already. (Feel free to also “Like” the intro post at the top home page of my blog.)

2. Share this post on Facebook.

3. Comment below with your tagline. Also, be sure to include that you liked and shared the post.

I will keep this contest open for one week and then choose the winner. The gift certificate can be used towards the purchase of prints if you’ve already had a session or towards a new session. Either way, it must be used by July 1, 2013. If you aren’t in the area or aren’t planning on having your photos taken, you may gift it to someone else. So, share, share, share and have all of your friends and relatives enter so they can give you the prize!

Do you have more than one idea you’d like to share with me? Great! You can enter up to one time per day for the week. Each time you enter, you must re-share this post on Facebook and comment with your new tagline. Please make sure you aren’t duplicating someone else’s entry. If so, the first person that commented with it will win.

Let’s see what you’ve got! Good luck!

Best Pittsburgh newborn photographer

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