Addison Winter- Oakmont PA Newborn Baby Photographer

Meet Addison! Miss Addison traveled from Oakmont, PA to visit me this morning for her newborn photos and she was just perfect! She arrived asleep, barely made a peep throughout the whole session, and then woke up just as I was finishing. She allowed me to easily photograph her with all of the special items that her mom brought withthem including a special crate, baby cowboy boots that belonged to Addison’s dad when he was a baby, a chef’s hat and spatula, and a fireman’s helmet! One day everyone will look back with wonder at how tiny she was compared to all of these things! Enjoy!

These boots belonged to her dad when we has a baby. This crate is also theirs. I love being able to pose a baby with special family items. I imagine these photos being passed down for generations.Baby cowboy boots, Best Oakmont PA newborn baby infant photographer, newborn in a crate There’s something so timeless about a newborn on white. To me, this well represesents my slogan of “Newborn perfection captured.” Addison has a Grampa who is a chef…And another who is a fireman!

Congratulations! She is perfect!