Pittsburgh and Mt. Lebanon Lifestyle Newborn Baby Photography- Richard Logan

Meet Logan! He is soooo sweet and belongs to my friends RJ and Laura! But before we get to the photos, a little background on this shoot and why it looks so different from my normal work….

As a newborn photographer, I am constantly “liking” other photographer’s on Facebook, reading newborn photography magazines, pinning newborn images…you get the idea… and I am awed and inspired every day by the talent that is out all around the world. I have seen some amazing newborn photography and I’ve always been drawn to the posed curled up sleepy babies photographed in a studio on colorful blankets and cute buckets. So, naturally, that is the direction and style I chose for my work when I began this journey. I love every second of it!

Now, fast forward a year and a new kind of newborn photography started to appeal to me as well. “Lifestyle” newborn photography captures the newborn in their home with their family and is much less posed than my normal style. It tells a pretty story of your life at home with baby, including many family and detail photos. I really started to become a big fan of this style and I realized that when my own family is ready to add another member, I would like some “lifestyle” portraits of the whole family along with the posed studio ones. If I want this for myself, surely others do too, right? (I think it’s especially good when an older sibling is involved as it makes it much easier to include them in photos with the new baby.) So, I decided to try it out.

Enter my friends RJ and Laura. When I made my final decision to give this a whirl, Laura was 8 months pregnant with their first baby so I texted her and asked if they’d like to be my test models. A few weeks later, sweet baby Logan was born and here we are!

Going in to today, I had a very clear vision of how I wanted to shoot and edit these photos. I wanted a softer, hazier look than my studio photography. All natural and neutral. I let the baby fall asleep in his own positions, without placing his hands just so, straightening his fingers out, etc, and didn’t do any heavy skin editing in post. Other than my new fur flokati rug and a few white wraps, I didn’t use any props and kept a neutral color scheme for the natural “look at life at home.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE and adore everything about the posed studio shots, but I like this style now too. I’m still not quite ready to officially launch this and offer it, but I may take special requests. So, if you like this style and would like more information, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to like and share on Facebook as well!

Now, enjoy some photos of sweet baby Logan, RJ, and Laura!

Lifestyle newborn photos-37I am soooo happy I captured this moment of mom and baby looking at each other like this! And, I can’t believe how a 5 day old just picked his head right up and stared at his mom like that!

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