Kristy and Goldie- Pittsburgh based destination wedding photographer

Congratulations to Kristy and Goldie! After many many months of planning, they had their amazing wedding on the white sand beaches of Grand Caymen. We arrived via the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Jewel of the Seas, along with about 70 of their friends and family. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to go with! Everyone was soooo fun and we were so happy to be there to capture it all! I’ll save all of the fun reception photos for Kristy’s private gallery (ask her for the link and password if you want to see them!) and concentrate this blog post on the reason we were all on the cruise, Kristy and Goldie. Enjoy!

We went to a small local park with a beach overlook for some quick first glance photos prior to the ceremony. That clear blue water, the “wind” blowing her veil, amazing!

Anne Wilmus Photography, tropical beach, destination wedding photographer from Pittsburgh, veil blowing in the wind at the beach

Jason carved their names and wedding date into the tree where we did the first glance. I found this tropical flower laying on the ground so grabbed it for some ring shots!I love Jason’s face when he sees Kristy coming down the aisle!Exchanging vows. I love how you can actually feel how happy they are in this moment!
After the ceremony, we lined the groomsmen up for a photo in front of the water. Just for fun, I asked them to turn right. This is how that went, lol.I love love love how the girls dresses all coordinated with the colors in the water and sky!The day after the wedding, we used the opportunity of having a second beach to go to, Cozumel, to do a trash the dress session! After we did all we could on the sand, they jumped in the ocean!

Congratulations, Kristy and Goldie! It was a blast!

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