Happy birthday, Owen! Pittsburgh Baby Photographer

Happy birthday, Owen! I can’t believe he is one year old already! Or, maybe I can… Owen is just about the most mobile 1 year old I have ever seen! Walking around everywhere and getting up and down and in and out of chairs and benches like I’ve never seen before. We had a great time photographing him- he is such a happy baby! Enjoy!

Here he is as a newborn…

And now at one year old! Can you believe this is the same baby?!? His hair color transformed before our eyes!1 year baby photographer near Pgh, Anne Wilmus Photography 2013This guy needed no convincing to get after that cake. He was practically inhaling it and I’m pretty sure he would have eaten the whole thing if we would let him!As much as he loved the cake, he was NOT happy about his bubble bath!See you again soon!

Happy birthday, Owen! xoxo