Laighton- 6 month baby in a pumpkin- North Huntington Photographer

Sweet baby Laighton…what a nice girl she was for putting up with me and my photoshoot yesterday! The little pumpkin was working a fever and ear infection out of her system and wasn’t feeling 100%, but with busy work schedules and me due to have my second baby at any time now, our re-scheduling options were slim. So we forged ahead! With that in mind, our goal for the shoot was to get 1 really good smiley photo…and we got it! We also captured a range of other emotions, haha. Enjoy!

Babies are always wiggling their fingers around and doing cute things with them but I had to save and post this particular photo because it was the very first one I took and it’s like she was cluing us into how the rest of the shoot was gonna go. Check out the fingers on her right hand, lol.

And here’s our smiling photo!I imagine Laighton’s thought process went something like this:

1. “I’m in a pumpkin…I’m not so sure about this.

2. Oh wait, a tasty leaf. This isn’t so bad! I like to eat organic!

3. Oh no, I’m still in a pumpkin! And this leaf isn’t as good as I thought. Get me out!6 month baby photographer pumpkin hat- 3 photos

This was the last photo of the shoot. Can you tell she was over it? haha. Poor girl was so tired.

One more photo to share…

I’ve been lucky enough to know Erica for about 2 years now and I look up to her in many ways. She is my definition of a super mom… giving her 3 young kids unconditional love, patience, and attention. Whenever my Brayden is getting on my nerves and I’m about to yell at him, I try to stop and think how Erica would handle the situation. Surely, better than I would! So, it was no surprise that when Laighton got upset and needed a break during the session, Erica was ready with a bottle and sat right down on the grass, cradling her, soothing and rocking her. I stepped back and told Erica I was just taking a shot to test the light so that I could capture the “realness” of the moment. In terms of photography techniques, this photo is nothing special. But, it shows a real moment of true love and caring between Erica and Laighton and so, for that reason, I love it!

Β Thanks Macuga family!


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