Brooklynn- North Allegheny Baby Photographer

Happy 6 months Brooklynn! Man, she is such a beautiful little trooper! After arriving at our outdoor location for the 6 month session tonight, we were hit with a freak rain shower so we made the decision to move the shoot indoors to my studio. Even after that extra 20 minutes in the car, Brooklynn rocked 3 outfit changes. Her style is unreal! Well, I guess her mom’s style is, I should say. She had such an amazing assortment of outfits and headbands! And Brooklynn with her porcelain skin, long dark hair, and chubby little cheeks is sooo cute! Enjoy!

She’s such a gorgeous baby!Hi, sweet girl!At the start of our session, just getting warmed up!Her dad was making her laugh while her mom hid in the bathroom so Brooklynn didn’t try to go to her, lol.The lashes, the headband, and the little drool bubble about to drop from her bottom lip…oh my!Wrong way, haha. And, such cute little tootsies!Happy girl! I really wasn’t going for a shot here; I was just testing my light while Brooklynn’s mom was getting her in place and ready to go. But, I just had to share this because of the look on Allie’s face. This is how she looks at Brooklynn all of the time. Literally all of the time. It is truly incredible how visible her love is for her. Their bond it just unreal.Happy 6 months, Brooklynn! See you again soon!


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