Albums and Products

I am very pleased to announce that I am now offering a choice selection of options to add-on to your already highly inclusive newborn package! My favorite of which is the Anne Wilmus Photography Signature Newborn Album!

After years of offering just digital and minimum print choices, I have realized first hand how important it is to have a hard copy album that you can touch, feel, pick up, look through, display, and pass down to your family members. Digital technology changes too much and too fast. (Floppy discs…) What if computers can’t read your photo files in a few years? This is why albums are awesome. The albums I have chosen to offer are wedding album quality. The best. Your new family heirloom.

Newborn Photo Album, Pittsburgh Baby Photographer, Anne Wilmus Photographer

Professional albums are the best way to ensure that your photos are beautifully viewable for years (and generations) to come. Please ask me about them when you are here for your session. I have two options, please see above and below for photos of each.  Either option is $375  and I offer a $50 discount if purchased before or at your session. Be sure to look at my samples while you are here. Photos do not do them justice!

8x8 Thick Page 10 spread newborn album, Anne Wilmus Photography newborn product


Mini albums! These little guys are 3×3 inches in size, fold out like an accordion, and have spots for ten favorite photos from your session. They fit right in your purse or pocket and are the perfect gifts for Grandparents and Godparents. They are sold in sets of 3 for $120.

3x3 Mini Albums, Anne Wilmus Photography newborn product

I also offer large canvases and prints of all sizes!