My packages are all inclusive (no separate session fee or minimum print purchase!) They all include a selection of digital images with print release, professionally printed images, and cell phone app. Packages range from $700-$1300; please email me for more details and options.


Top 5 Popular Reasons to Choose Anne Wilmus Photography For Your Newborn Photos:

5. It’s easy, comfortable, and relaxing! When you come to my studio for your session, I take care of absolutely everything (ok, not the breastfeeding, but everything else!) Imagine sitting here and relaxing on my studio couch. (See my studio here). Enjoy some coffee, read my magazines, and take an hour or two to just watch your baby sleep peacefully and move through the session! I even have covered parking available for babies born during the cold weather seasons. Also, I work quickly. While I make sure I get each pose perfect, I’ve learned the nuances of newborns so I know exactly how to keep them calm and sleepy. Thus, most of my sessions only take about an hour and half to two hours. Beautiful newborn portraits with me means you don’t need to take a huge time chunk out of your day!

4. I’m experienced and specialized! I’ve been doing this for years and have photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns, including micro premies, premies, medically fragile babies, babies who have already had surgery and ones who will soon. (Here’s more information on making sure you know what to look for when sorting through the many choices of photographer’s for your baby’s photos). Along with that, I’ve seen every type of baby skin…jaundiced, red, scabbed, scratched, etc. I have years of perfecting my Photoshopping skills, and every baby’s skin will look just right after my editing process.

3. Everything is included! I don’t charge separate session fees or try to persuade you to buy anything after the session. I have 3 package choices (or a mini session!) available and you can pre-select one that best fits your needs. If you decide you’d like to have more, you can always add extra (like one of my favorite albums), but there is no pressure!

2. I’m quick. I very typically have your galleries ready for you within a day or two of your session! It’s fun to see your photos right away! This is also nice when you want to send out birth announcements before the baby is too old. (Although, in rare circumstances please allow up to 2 weeks for unforeseen circumstances like a family emergency or computer crash.)

1. Sharing on online is made easy! You want to show off your baby, right? I will post a blog for you, give you a phone app, do Facebook previews, and give you a special folder of photos on your disc that are especially sharpened, sized, and labeled for optimal online sharing. Get ready to a lot of compliments on your baby!

And one extra reason…I have a lot of props and accessories! Countless hats, headbands, blankets, wraps, and props in every color. See some in my color/prop gallery.

Soooo, to sum up…all newborn packages include my experience, time and talent, pre-session preparation tips, custom color and prop use, and detailed editing of your images. They are done within 2 weeks of birth so it is best to book a spot with me around your due date while you are in your second or third trimester. (Some months fill up faster than others).

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