Using Adobe Lightroom For Newborn Editing

This video is all about newborn editing in Lightroom. In this Lightroom tutorial, I will teach you exactly how to edit newborn photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic. You will see all of my baby editing Lightroom tips and tricks. I demonstrate how I use the Basic Panel in Lightroom, The Tone Curve in Lightroom, HSL in Lightroom, the Detail Panel In Lightroom, and Lightroom Calibration. As a special bonus, I also teach how to use the Lightroom Adjustment Brush for Skin Smoothing and Selective Sharpening.

In a future video, I will show you Lightroom Vs Photoshop when doing newborn editing. Please like and subscribe to see that and all future videos on all things newborn photography.


Tools I Use:

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Nikon Z6-

50mm Z-







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