Newborn Studio Tour 2023

This video is all about my 2022 newborn photography studio tour. In this video, I will show you my entire newborn studio setup. I take you through how I use my newborn studio props and beanbag, what I use for parent photos, and show you the newborn studio lighting setup that never fails. There are no windows in this studio so I use a simple artificial light set-up that I highly recommend for any baby photography studio. This is a small photography studio so I will show you the best storage and display for your newborn props, backdrops, hats, wraps, and headbands. If you would like to see more behind the scenes, I recommend watching the other videos in this series, where I show my Lightroom editing and Photoshop editing workflow from start to finish. I have linked them below.

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My Newborn Photography Studio Essentials List:

Camera and Lens:

Nikon Z6-

50mm Z-


Macbook Pro-





Lightroom and Photoshop-

Full Lightroom Editing Video:

Full Photoshop Editing Video:


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